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Departments and Units

Foreign Textbook Center

  China Agricultural University Foreign Textbook Centre is one of the thirteen foreign textbook centers in China directly under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education. Over the past twenty years, the centre takes charge of introducing foreign textbook in agriculture science and related subjects and coordinates resource sharing among agricultural university libraries national wide. At present, the center has a collection of over 8,000 books. The main functions of the center are as follows:

  1) Decision making in foreign textbook selection according to the comments and suggestion of professors and readers;

  2) Introduction, book review and online catalogue building of introduced textbooks;

  3) Collection development and evaluation;

  4) Investigation and feedback study of the use of the textbooks.

Haidian Agricultural Library

  Haidian Agricultural Library was founded in November 1997, under the auspices of Haidian District Government and China Agricultural University, and is located within the Library of China Agricultural University. Based on the numerous collections of the Library of China Agricultural University, Haidian Agricultural Library also develops its own collections that mainly cover journals and monographs on agricultural science and technology and agricultural application technologies. Its clients are mainly from agricultural systems and rural areas, including concerned administrative staff, researchers as well as farmers from Haidian district. Now, the library provides its clients various services, including Internet information access, CD ROM documentary retrieves, document services, book procurement. In addition, Haidian Agricultural Library provides innovative service to its clients, including field technical training courses and farm gate library services for agricultural staff and farmers from the district, all that are most welcome by the clients.

National Agricultural Information Center
   The National Agricultural Information Center (NAIC), one of the four National Information Centers of China Academic Library and Information System (CALIS), is located in the Library of China Agricultural University. The main functions of NAIC:

  1) Serving as a national focal point of agricultural information resources;

  2) Coordinating with CALIS headquarters and cooperating with different agricultural university libraries;

  3) Sharing information resources, creating databases and document delivering among agricultural university libraries;

  4) Developing and formulating the technical and management regulations and standards for effective operation in the entire network nationwide.

Mailing Address: China Agricultural University Library, 2 Yuanmingyuan West Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100193 , P. R. China